Welcome to the Northolt Golf Club

Northolt Golf course is a 9 hole golf course, located on the A40 (target round about), barely 6 miles from Heathrow and easily accessible to the local population as well as those in west London. (Hammersmith, Shepherds bush) who are on or near the A40.

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The course combines the best of both worlds - it is large and  tricky enough to test the skills of a seasoned golfer (mainly  the short game) and small and flat not to be threatening to the beginner. There are 2 holes which are part 4 and and the rest par 3. It is flat and welcoming but not without it's features which include a stream crsossing it from east to west and  testing bunkers. Most important, because we are small and  cozy, we all know each other and it is a happy, welcoming sort  of atmosphere in the clubhouse. We have an experienced  green-keeper in Keith Buckingham who is passionate about the  greens. In Sam we have a new chef-manager who loves you  well fed and w atered and generally happy before and after your  golf round

The golf course opens at 7 am and closes only after sunset  (around 8 - 9 pm during summer).

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